Famous Cowboy Poker Players

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Gambling's long history has given players and spectators some great characters, among the most memorable of whom have been cowboy poker players. The most famous of these is undoubtedly Wild Bill Hickok, a true folk hero of the American Old West. His reputation as a fearless lawman is matched by his fame as a keen professional gambler. Outstanding as a marksman and quick off the draw in a duel, he unfortunately met an untimely end when shot during a game of poker in a saloon in Deadwood. His hand of aces and eights is today referred to as a Dead Man's Hand in poker. Luckily, these days gambling in a super casino is a little safer!

Byron Cowboy Wolford was another poker player who make a big impact. An accomplished rodeo cowboy, he won multiple championships at the Calgary Stampede and currently holds the record for fastest calf-roping, a title that was awarded following his efforts at Madison Square Gardens in the 1950s. He was equally skilled at poker, winning over $1,000,000 during the course of his career.

Contemporary player Chris Ferguson fits the stereotypical iconic image of a cowboy poker player, with his wide-brimmed hat, beard and long hair. However, his methods are more modern, using game theory and a strong background in maths to enhance his skill.

From Mel Gibson's Hollywood depiction of Bret Maverick to the late Amarillo Slim Preston, cowboys and poker have long been entwined in the public imagination. The two have even been combined in a terrifying game where poker is played in a rodeo circuit, complete with a bull. The archetypical image of saloons packed with players has become synonymous with the Wild West and its endurance reflects this rich history. However, although old-style, back-room poker playing was super casino gaming is the way forward. Modern and inclusive, everyone can enjoy the bright lights and buzz of a casino.

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